Parents and guardians are requested to phone or email the school office before 9am if your child is to be absent from school. Any unexplained absence may be investigated after this time. You are required by the Education Act of W.A. to inform the class teacher in writing of reasons for your child’s absence, the first day the child returns to school in addition to phone calls or emails. Absentee Forms are available from the office or can be accessed by clicking the links below.  A child will be permitted to leave the school during school hours only when a parent makes a written request. The student is to be signed in/out at the office by either the parent or appointed representative. Any child leaving the school during school hours must be collected from the classroom by an adult (a parent/guardian or appointed representative) as he/she will not be permitted to wait on the roadside. The adult must inform the office of the collection of the child and sign the in/out register on the office counter. You are requested to notify the school immediately if it is known that a child’s absence is likely to exceed three days. A long term planned absence (e.g. holiday) should be referred to the Principal at the earliest possible opportunity, BEFORE the holiday is taken.